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Lazy Sunday afternoon, sun is shining…. Let`s get the boats out. Professional fishing trips, barges for dockworkers and full time leisure seekers. All need propulsion. We have a wide variety of Suzuki outboard engines on stock. All common engine sizes are available upon your demands. Trouble free installation with our initial setup kit. Tachometer, trim meter, propeller and side mount are included with all mid-range engines. Need another control? Of course, all other outboard accessories can be ordered through our web shop, or might be swapped on request at your purchased outboard. Wholesale outboards motors as AP specification (electronic controlled engines) will be supplied with specific controls and accessories. These drive-by-wire engines offer even more precision and flexibility in their use.

 Original crates for shipping

The choice of professionals around the world. Outboards engines are delicate. With the use of original transport crates as descripted above, you can be assured the engine will arrange in pristine condition. Exactly as you can expect from a professional trader of wholesale outboard motors. All units can be stacked for most economical way of loading and our loading ramps assure easy access to any kind of truck or trailer. Our skilled and trained expedition team have a live time experience with handling vehicles and outboard motors. All crates are double checked for any kind of damage before leaving our warehouse.

 Accessories See the range Accessories: providing Gauges, control boxes, propellers, tiller handles and more.. Contact your local Dealer and authorised service centers for sales and technical help with any of these genuine Parts and Accessories for your outboard.






From 1st April 2017 all  manufactured outboards sold for pleasure use have a 7 year warranty. Outboards sold for pleasure use prior to 1/4/17 had a 5 year warranty. For warranty details on outboards for commercial use please contact your local dealer.


On the sale of any outboard motor the “Authorised Dealer” must fill out the Online Pre-Delivery Inspection and Warranty Registration correctly. The registration identifies the legal owner of the product and serves as your/our warranty registration. If this procedure is not followed, the outboard motor will be void of warranty cover.


All engines must be run and checked by the dealer before delivery (as per the Online P.D.I registration). An Authorised dealer must install all engines above 30hp to the boat/vessel before the PDI can be carried out correctly.


7 Year Warranty Cover Includes (Pleasure Use Only): 1st / 2nd / 3rd Year = Parts and Labour 4th to 7th Year = Parts Only

Conditions for Warranty

  • • The Pre-delivery inspection of the outboard must be completed on-line by a authorised dealer and logged on the Marine Website.
  • • An authorised Service Centre must perform the recommended routine servicing/maintenance and repairs and record these on-line on the  Marine Website.
  • • The recommended service intervals must be strictly adhered to:-
        3mth, 12mth, 2yr, then annually or 20hrs (10hrs for Two Stroke or TLDI Models), 100hrs, 200hrs, 500hrs etc whichever comes sooner.
  • • Off-season and pre-season checks and maintenance must be carried out.
  • • Only genuine parts and recommended oil and lubes may be used for service and repairs.
  • • The warranty will replace as required, any part that is proved defective in material or workmanship during the warranty period.
  • • All parts replaced under warranty will be considered as part of the original product and any warranties expire coincidentally with the original product warranty.
  • • The warranty will terminate upon failure to meet any of the warranty conditions.

The limited warranty will not apply to the normal wear and tear of parts, adjustments, tune-ups or to any damage caused by, but not limited to: –

  • 1. Use or operation NOT conforming to the instructions described in the owner’s manual.
  • 2. Participation in or preparation for racing or other competitive activities.
  • 3. Water entering the engine.
  • 4. Damage from accidents, collisions, contact with foreign materials, or submersion.
  • 5. Growth of marine organisms on motor surfaces.
  • 6. Any other careless use or operation.
  • 7. Normal deterioration.

The limited warranty does not cover maintenance items. The following items are a few examples not covered by the limited warranty: – Spark plugs, anodes, trim-tabs, propellers, fuel filters, carbon brushes, starter ropes, shear pins, bolts, nuts, washers, wire cables and rubber goods e.g. water pump impellers, oil seals, “O” rings, fuel hoses, primer bulbs and vinyl tube etc.

The limited warranty will become void if the product has been altered, modified or repaired by anyone other than a company or service firm authorised by MARINE LTD.

The limited warranty will only cover the product and will not cover the boat, the product it is mounted on, the trailer, equipment or accessories associated with the product.

Do not provide an onsite warranty. It is the supplying dealers responsibility to process any claims made by their customers if another dealer refuses to carry out any repairs under warranty conditions.


All claims must be submitted by an authorised Dealer to MARINE LTD. within 30 days after the date of the failed/repaired product and all faulty parts must be returned within 30 days for inspection, on request.


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